Spring Break update!

So, I had big plans for my spring break. As my Dad so kindly pointed out, my idea of “de-stressing” stressed him out. I want to clarify, my goals for this spring break were to find a way to automate my life a little more to take some day-to-day stressors out of the equation once I go back to work. Why? Because I want stress to stop manifesting itself physically, whether it’s cystic acne now or a heart attack down the road. And, because the Functional Medicine Center staff told me to; I completely trust that they will lead me to optimum health and wellness.

So, while I didn’t really sign up for a stress-free spring break, I took the opportunity over the last seven days to knock some pressing items off of my to-do list, reorganize, and strategize to simplify my life once Monday, April 4 (first day back to work) comes around…

I won’t bore you with the organized my apartment/went grocery shopping/cleaned out my fridge to-do list details, but I did make some progress on my planning for the next few weeks:

First, I went back to meal planning like a champ. IMG_0520As I said before, life seems so much easier when dinner is planned out in advance. When I was meal planning earlier in the year, it was a loose plan that would sometimes get altered / switched around / skipped. I made it a priority to stick to the plan, no matter what this week. Because I was off all week, I did not do any advanced meal preparation. I think this was the right call for this week, but I plan to incorporate meal preparation into my planning for next week when I return to work. I also found myself at the grocery store a ton this week. I don’t have time for continuous trips in my “real life,” so I’m thinking Saturday afternoons are for shopping, Sunday afternoons are for meal prep. Going to try it out this coming week!

Second, I worked with my personal trainer to establish a sustainable workout schedule to carry me through the end of the school year. In the absence of a half marathon training schedule (training starts June 20!), I still need to detail what each run should look like, but here’s the marriage of my need to run and lift (still chasing that unassisted pull-up):

Monday – Heavy back lifting + total body; cross-training

Tuesday – TRX class; run

Wednesday – Rest day. All rest. Maybe stretching. Maybe.

Thursday – Heavy back lifting + total body; run 1 fast mile (every other week)

Friday – Run

Saturday – TRX class; run

Sunday – Run

I’ll add in my specific weekly running workouts tomorrow, as it’s a to-do list item!

Finally, I developed a preliminary plan for minimizing stress in my daily life. I listened to many different interviews and documentaries to help create a plan during the Total Wellness Summit sponsored by Food Matters and took the most away from an interview with Dr. Josh Axe. His suggestion of incorporating a “day of rest” each week really resonated with me. I think having one day to not run errands/worry about school/do laundry, etc. will be very beneficial in the long run, even if it means packing in more in throughout the week. I plan to completely shut down on Sundays, with exception to running and meal prep: I don’t consider running stressful (actually, the opposite is true) and I don’t consider meal prep stressful (I can chop like a champ). I am still planning on trying out a yoga class with my colleague, and might find myself incorporating yoga into the plan detailed above, but want to try out this day of rest concept for the next few weeks.

Other notable spring break accomplishments:

  • I got a library card! Now I can read about functional medicine and nutrition even more! Yay! The first book on my list, I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson. She was phenomenal during her Total Wellness Summit interview and I cannot wait to learn more from her.
  • I completed my daily food journal before going to bed every. single. night. This is a big deal for me, as I’ve fallen behind by multiple days since beginning this journey on February 1. I’ve invested so much in this process, it is integral that I follow the protocol as closely as possible. I’m forming the habit now, in the hopes that it will stick when the dreaded April 4 rolls around…

Lastly, today marks 60 days on my elimination / detox diet. Sugar free for 60 days! I went from almost snatching an oreo out of a student’s hands to sugar free for 60 days. Unreal.

I’ll post a progress update (including pictures) of my skin tomorrow. The changes have been incredible; I want you to see!

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