Spring Break!


Today is Day 53 and my next follow up is less than five weeks away. I cannot wait! I can’t wait to hear from the Doctor, discuss all of my test results, and learn about the next steps. Five weeks cannot come fast enough (and not to mention, closer to the end of the school year too!).

Today is also parent-teacher conference day, the last requirement standing between me and a 10-day spring break! I think I am more excited for the break than the students…as I have big plans. Not to travel, or to go home to Buffalo, or to do anything super exciting – I am just excited to have time 

Since beginning this functional medicine journey, I haven’t had time to plan. Or organize. Or get myself together. Or meal prep. Or do my taxes. Or, or, or…

Instead, I’ve been reactive instead of proactive. As I mentioned previously, I’ve also been advised to minimize stress as much as possible, as it just might turn out to be the root of my cystic acne concerns. So, I plan on taking this 10-day spring break to get my life in order, get organized, and accomplish the many tasks on my forever-long to-do list in the hopes of getting my over-stressed self under control.

So, without further ado, here is my (abbreviated) list of spring break commitments:

  1. Complete my functional medicine center food logs every. single. night. I’ll be honest, I took over a week off from this task (writing down foods, not the diet itself). It is incredibly tedious, and after a busy day at work, I barely have the brain power to remember what I ate for breakfast. But, that can’t be an excuse. I signed up for this journey, and I want to be successful. I need to complete my food log before going to bed every single day over break, with the intention that this will become a habit when school starts again.
  2. Research stress management. Figure out how to minimize stress using all available resources, and then create a plan to try out different techniques. I’ve already planned a vinyasa yoga class with my colleague for April 5 and after listening to Dr. Axe’s #TotalWellnessSummit interview yesterday, I think I am going to try to incorporate one day of rest each week (Sundays). Can’t wait to learn more.
  3. Create a sustainable workout schedule through the end of the school year. Running, biking, and lifting are tasks that I genuinely enjoy, and according to my health coach’s stress note, I am supposed to do more of these tasks. I already committed to my first half marathon (September 24), but my training plan does not start until June 20, so I have a lot of time to work on building a strong base until then. I’ve been meaning to incorporate different types of runs into my current routine, but I haven’t had time to plan…so, it’s been pretty boring lately. Additionally, I set a goal to complete an unassisted pull-up with my personal trainer. We’re meeting every other week for an hour, plus two TRX classes per week, but I need to schedule in additional workouts and can’t wait to take the time to do just that this week.
  4. Develop a manageable meal plan and meal preparation system. I was meal planning like a champ for a while, but then work was chaotic and I definitely stalled. I know both Zack and I are happier and more relaxed when our meals are planned out for the week, and I need to minimize stress and get back into meal planning. Additionally, I have not yet mastered the concept of meal preparation. There are so many Sunday posts on twitter and instagram regarding meal prep, and I so desperately want to be able to take a picture of my pyrex filled containers and participate too! Not to mention, I think it would help with my general life stress and I would get more sleep by not having to get up early / stay up late to prepare my snacks and lunch.
  5. Write out the list of books that I’ve been meaning to read (primarily regarding health and wellness) in order of priority. Then, finally get a library card (I’ve only lived in Cleveland for three years…it’s fine) and order the first book.
  6. Return to studying for the American College of Sports Medicine personal trainer certification exam. I know that I want to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program over the summer, and I’d really like my personal training certification before I begin that process. I need a study plan, and to start executing again. I also need to sign up for the exam – I do best with a discrete deadline.

That’s it! It’s an ambitious list of “plans” for an admittedly non-planner, but I think it is critical to my functional medicine success. I also plan to write out five “to-do tasks” each day of break, with the more mundane things that I have been putting off (clean out my car, grocery shop, organize my closet, etc…) so I can stop stressing over a million little things throughout each day.

I’m still not sure what is going to help me minimize stress, but I’m hoping that taking the week to get organized will help. I’ll report back with my findings throughout the week!

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