Why is sugar everywhere?

After learning that I would have to continue on my very restrictive elimination/detox style diet for another eight(ish) weeks, I committed to cooking differently. I already have to cook all of my meals at home, as there is a shortage of restaurants that cater to the no-anything diet, but I immediately recognized the need to make yet another change…

Since switching to a vegan diet a few years ago, I started looking at food as fuel alone. It no longer mattered to me what food tasted like, as long as my stomach stopped growling. The only time I really focused on the taste of food was when I stopped at Vegan Sweet Tooth to get a vegan cupcake, or cookie, or cake pop (or all three). So, naturally, when I had to switch to my current diet prescription, I was not too concerned that I wouldn’t make it through the five week period.

But then five weeks turned to thirteen weeks, with little sign of a finish line after that. This is the journey I signed up for, and I am still so happy to be working through my skin issue in this way, but my mindset needed to change. Thirteen weeks is a long time to not have anything to look forward to except steamed broccoli with tamari on top.

So, I committed to cooking differently. Instead of focusing on meals I could prepare quickly and easily while still hitting all of my targets, regardless of taste, I decided to care. To take the time and energy required to make my meals taste delicious, and to focus on cooking new-to-me meals from a variety of Dr. Hyman cookbooks. Tonight, after a long day of work followed by an hour-long personal training session, I embarked on my >hour long recipe to make ratatouille.

I chopped, diced, sliced, and sauteed through the first dozen steps, and then only had to add diced tomatoes and simmer for 20 more minutes. After adding the organic, canned tomatoes from Whole Foods, I thought to double check the ingredients list…

There was “organic cane sugar” in the tomatoes. Why is there “organic cane sugar” in diced tomatoes. Why.

So, at 8:45pm, after more than an hour of cooking, I’m left with no delicious dinner because there is sugar in my tomatoes. I just don’t understand.

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