Countdown Status: 32 days of elimination/detox diet. I find out tomorrow what the next part of my functional medicine journey looks like!

I have absolutely no idea what happens after tomorrow, but after thinking about the next step for the past 32 days, I’ve come up with three ideas…

  1. Continue on my current, very-restrictive diet.
  2. Add in one or more previously restricted food/drink categories: alcohol, caffeine, legumes, grains, sugar, most fruits…
  3. Review the blood test results that may show exactly what I am sensitive to, and add back in everything else.

I don’t know what I’m hoping for. As I mentioned, I am seeing dramatic improvements in my skin every day. Even my colleagues are starting to mention the change, which is awesome. I think mostly I just want to leave the appointment knowing that we’ve made informed decisions on the next step, not just a guess or maintaining the current diet because no results are in.

Regardless of the next course of action, I also have a few questions that I want to address.

  1. I’m absolutely exhausted. I’m in the range of 6-8 hours of sleep a night, but I am so incredibly tired all the time. Perhaps I’m missing something from my diet that might help? (Other than mass quantities of caffeine.)
  2. I’m having a really hard time with the serving limitation on nuts and seeds. Basically, I have to hit one goal for nuts and seeds each day, and another for fats and oils. In the fats and oils category, there are only three actual foods: avocados, unsweetened shredded coconut and olives. So, unless I am preparing a meal that I can insert oil or coconut milk into, there are very few “quick” options. I consider nuts and seeds, however, to be in the “quick” options category, but the serving sizes on nuts and seeds are very, very small. I would like to propose that I can make these two categories somewhat interchangeable (more nuts/seeds = less oils/fats in a day, and vice versa).
  3. I’m starving recently. I’m hitting my targets for the most part, but I’m hungry all the time, especially at night. Why? I bet it has something to do with my inability to successfully incorporate a lot of fats and oils into my diet. Ha. 
  4. Maybe, just maybe, I can add back in more fruits? I won’t actually ask this question because I am 100% committed to this process, but even if I could eat dates again I would be the happiest person on earth. Just dates. Not even cupcakes. Fingers crossed.
  5. Finally, I’m looking for general feedback on the stack of food journals I’ve written. I know I keep eating the same foods over and over again and that’s not a stellar choice, but I need some guidance. I feel like if I was helping someone with this process, I would be able to analyze their diet so clearly. But my own diet? I’m having a hard time. Perhaps its the lack of coffee.

So, here’s to hoping for a few more answers tomorrow, and *wishful thinking* a few cupcakes dates and a big cup of coffee.

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