Spring Break update!

So, I had big plans for my spring break. As my Dad so kindly pointed out, my idea of “de-stressing” stressed him out. I want to clarify, my goals for this spring break were to find a way to automate my life a little more to take some day-to-day stressors out of the equation once I go back to work. Why? Because I want stress to stop manifesting itself physically, whether it’s cystic acne now or a heart attack down the road. And, because the Functional Medicine Center staff told me to; I completely trust that they will lead me to optimum health and wellness.

So, while I didn’t really sign up for a stress-free spring break, I took the opportunity over the last seven days to knock some pressing items off of my to-do list, reorganize, and strategize to simplify my life once Monday, April 4 (first day back to work) comes around…

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Spring Break!


Today is Day 53 and my next follow up is less than five weeks away. I cannot wait! I can’t wait to hear from the Doctor, discuss all of my test results, and learn about the next steps. Five weeks cannot come fast enough (and not to mention, closer to the end of the school year too!).

Today is also parent-teacher conference day, the last requirement standing between me and a 10-day spring break! I think I am more excited for the break than the students…as I have big plans. Not to travel, or to go home to Buffalo, or to do anything super exciting – I am just excited to have time 

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“Minimize Stress”

“Minimize stress as much as possible.”

What does that even mean?

How does one go about “minimizing stress as much as possible”? Do I actively choose to be stressed? Should I just wake up tomorrow and decide “nope, no more stress for me!” Do I devote my life to the practice of meditation and yoga? Do I quit my job? Minimize stress. Just thinking about figuring out how to minimize stress in my life = more stress.

Regardless, I suppose I have to figure out a way to minimize stress in the very near future…

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Eggs taste better.

After my unsuccessful attempt at preparing ratatouille last week, I haven’t really been focused on meal prep as much as I should be. First, I traveled back home to Buffalo last weekend, and I struggle to maintain this strict elimination/detox diet when away from my kitchen for an entire day, let alone three. It’s not that I give in and eat the foods I’m supposed to avoid, but instead I find myself skipping meals and not hitting my targets for the day…

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The next step.

Countdown Status: 35 days since beginning my elimination/detox diet with the Functional Medicine Center in Cleveland, Ohio. A whopping 52 days (at least) to go…but more on that later.

My first follow up appointment with my nutritionist was Friday, March 4. I was hopeful that some of my blood work would point to the culprit behind my acne, and that my diet would become a bit more relaxed. I was wrong…

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Countdown Status: 32 days of elimination/detox diet. I find out tomorrow what the next part of my functional medicine journey looks like!

I have absolutely no idea what happens after tomorrow, but after thinking about the next step for the past 32 days, I’ve come up with three ideas…

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